Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello to A L L

Hello everyone, I am some what new to this blog site. I actually kinda like it, one of my good friends inspired me to start "blogging", being that I should show the w o r l d who I am and what I am D E S T I N E D to be !

I know it is a bit late, but during these hours I am usually wide awake, with lots of thoughts on my mind and it drives me crazy, so I rather share my thought & opinions with the world and would like some feedback as well folks :) Don't worry though I won't drown you with my thoughts&opinions tonight, but please stay tuned & witness the True Life of a College Student ! I am currently on vacation so I will not be blogging as much; because I am TRYING to spend less time off of social networks & spend time with my loves.  Twitter btw is very addicting, as much as I say I will not "tweet" as I usually do, everyday there is something that I MUST "tweet" about, LOL.  Also I will try to add an inspirational quote every time I blog !!

Anywho today is my best friends birthday so my next blog is dedicated A L L to her !