Friday, January 14, 2011


I thought I'd share some fact about my beautiful country of Trinidad & Tobago to you guys. I feel like in my generation especially the "youth" do not really know about their history and where their family derived from, so I thought I'd share a lil history of my country for you! Hope you likeyy =)


As shown; The Birds represented on the Coat of Arms of my country are the Scarlet Ibis, the Cocrico (native of Tobago) & the Hummingbird.

The three ships represent the Trinity as well as the three ships of Columbus.

The fruited Coconut Palm dates back to the great seals of British Colonial Tobago int he days when the Island was a separate administrative unit.

Our Motto: Together we aspire, Together we achieve- speaks for itself and promotes harmony in diversity for national achievement.

Arms: Per chevron enhanced sable and gules a chevrenel enhances argent between a chief two Hummingbirds respectant gold and in base three ships of the period of Christopher Columbus also gold the sails set proper.

Crest: Upon a Wreathe argent and gules in front of a Palm Tree proper a ship's wheel gold.


My beautiful Flag; ahh YES !

The color Red is the most expressive of my country. it represents the vitality of the land its people; it is the warmth and energy of the sun, the courage and friendliness of the people.

The color White is the sea by which these lands are bound: the cradle of our heritage; the purity of our aspirations and the equality of all men under the sun.

Lastly, the color Black represents for the dedication of the people joined together by one strong bond. it is the color of strength, of unity, of purpose and of the wealth of the land. All in all the colors represents the elements Earth, Water and Fire which encompass the past, present & future of my people